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The annual Rankings provide a revealing snapshot of how health is influenced by where we live, learn, work, and play. They provide a starting point for change in communities.

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Bar graph indicating that children of color experience significantly higher rates poverty than white or Asian in Fairfield County, Connecticut.

Data Spotlight: Children Living in Poverty

Even in the healthiest counties, nearly 1 in 10 children are living in poverty. Our first Data Spotlight looks at the healthiest county in each state. It reveals that a greater percentage of Black, Hispanic and Native American children are living in poverty in these communities.

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Where is my Rank?

We encourage a focus on the data underlying the ranks, and not the ranks themselves. This year, we have displayed data in quartiles to support comparison of a county to a similar grouping in your state, instead of comparing individual ranks. 

    Message to the Field

    This has been an unprecedented time in public health. The path forward requires our continued work—together—to ensure all have the opportunity to thrive. With this release, we offer our state and local public health partners data while acknowledging the time and space they may need to focus on their COVID-19 response efforts. 

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    How to Find a County's Rank

    Above is the new quartile graphic which shows how your county fares relative to other counties in your state. If you want your county's rank, you can still find it in several places on the website: 

    • Select the “Show Rankings” option from either a county snapshot or measure page.
    • From your state page or county snapshot, select the Overview tab to see your state Health Outcome and Health Factors maps. Hover over a county to see its rank.
    • Download the complete Rankings file for your state or the nation
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    Find and compare counties similar to yours based on key demographic, social, and economic indicators.

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    Understand why ranks change and what it may tell you about your community's progress.

    Find national and state level data, maps, and technical documentation.

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