Job Opportunities

Data and Science Managing Director of Production

The Data and Science Managing Director of Production will be a senior leader of the County Health Rankings & Roadmaps program, reporting to the director of CHR&R within the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute.

This position will work with the CHR&R Director and other program leadership and staff to support CHR&R's vision to advance local health transformation and develop and refine strategies to achieve this vision. The position will have primary responsibility for production of signature work intended to advance the use of data and evidence for creating health and equity in local communities, including:

  • The County Health Rankings, which provide a reliable, sustainable source of local data to communities to help them identify opportunities to improve their health.
  • What Works for Health, a nationally recognized resource to support communities trying to find the most effective strategies for improving community health.
  • Associated research and development including Extramural research involving creative uses of the Rankings data, methodological improvements, and evaluative work assessing how the Rankings & Roadmaps are used across the nation.
  • Intramural quantitative and qualitative research around population health assessment and community health improvement leading to scholarly publications.
  • Development of new tools and guidance to support community health assessment and improvement.

For details and to apply, visit the UW-Madison website. Applications are due May 26, 2020.