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Summer learning programs

Provide academic instruction to students during the summer, often along with enrichment activities such as art or outdoor activities

Evidence Rating:
Scientifically Supported
Health Factor(s):

Teen pregnancy prevention programs

Support school-, community-, and clinic-based teen pregnancy prevention programs such as comprehensive sex education, HIV/STI prevention and youth development efforts, service learning, etc.

Evidence Rating:
Some Evidence
Health Factor(s):
Sexual Activity

Tobacco cessation contests

Encourage participants to quit using tobacco on a set date or during a specific time period and give successful participants a chance to win financial rewards or other prizes; often called Quit & win contests

Evidence Rating:
Insufficient Evidence
Health Factor(s):
Tobacco Use

Urban agriculture

Support food-producing and income-earning activities in urban environments (e.g., edible landscapes, front yard or rooftop gardens, window farming, hydroponics, livestock, etc.)

Evidence Rating:
Expert Opinion
Health Factor(s):
Diet and Exercise