Partner Center

Be a partner. We all have a role to play in creating healthier communities. By working together we can achieve more than working alone.

What roles do you play in your community? ​Who do you want to partner with?

Think about the people in your community who make positive changes happen. Call them leaders, changemakers, or stakeholders - these are the people with whom you want to partner. This section is all about joining with others to make lasting change in your community.

5 Tips for Reaching Out to New Partners

  1. Do your research
    • ​First, make a list of organizations you want to reach out to.
    • With more than 500 potential partners for collaboration listed, Practical Playbook’s Find a Partnership tool may be a useful place to begin looking for connections.
    • Once you have some ideas of potential partners, start with their website(s) and some simple internet searches for relevant news clips or social networking pages.
    • Take some time to understand their goals and how they might align with your efforts. What might make them want to get involved? What might hold them back?
  2. Get connected
    • Now that you’ve got some context, look for a way to connect with a person. Ideally, you’ve identified one or more key changemakers in the organization.
    • If you have a mutual partner, ask for an introduction.
  3. Cultivate relationships
    • ​Start by asking about their efforts and priorities. Then listen.
  4. Make your ask fail-proof
    • ​Make it as simple as possible for them to take specific steps to move a health strategy forward in your community.
    • Partner does not necessarily mean coalition member. People can contribute in different ways. Tailor your ask so they can meaningfully contribute to your partnership.
  5. Consider what’s in it for them
    • There must be some benefit to partners to join your efforts or they simply will not come to the table. It’s not enough to be liked or to ask nicely. What is the clear and direct benefit to the individual or organization you’re reaching out to? 
    • Effective Recruitment of Coalition Members helps you analyze “what’s in it for them?”

Strong Partnerships Matter

We work together so that we're stronger together.

Lesley Choy
General Manager, San Pablo Economic Development Corporation San Pablo, CA 2017 Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Culture of Health Prize winner