Social and Economic Factors


  • What percentage of 3-year-olds are enrolled in an early childhood program or preschool?
  • How many National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) accredited or Head Start early learning centers are available in your community?
  • What percentage of 3rd graders are reading at grade level?
  • What is the truancy rate in your schools?
  • What percentage of high school seniors go on to higher education?
  • What percentage of adults >25 years return to school for some post-secondary education?
  • What is the average adult literacy rate?


  • What are your biggest employment sectors or industries?
  • How many people are underemployed?
  • What are the unmet training needs for employment?


  • What proportion of the community has established a retirement fund?
  • What is the average cost of living?
  • How equally are wealth and income distributed?

Family and Social Support

  • How many children are abused or neglected in each year?
  • How many arrests for domestic violence occur each year?
  • What percentage of older adults (>65 years) live alone?
  • What percentage of residents feel your community is a safe place?
  • What percentage of your community participates in the voting process?
  • What percentage of your population volunteers in the community?

Community Safety

  • What types of crimes are the most common?
  • What types of injuries are most common?  Are the leading causes of injury fatal?
  • How many falls are recorded among the elderly?
  • What is the suicide rate?
  • What is the rate of incarceration among different groups?