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Why Not The Best: Compare Health Care Providers was created and is maintained by The Commonwealth Fund, a private foundation working toward a high-performance health system. It is a free resource for health care professionals interested in tracking performance on various...

Extending the Rankings Message to Television Program

Kentucky Educational Television aired a program on September 17, 2013, looking at how communities are taking the data from the County Health Rankings & Roadmaps program and are making positive change. The Health Three60 program, “Healthy...

Prepare Iowa

This toolkit was designed by the Iowa Counties Public Health Association (ICPHA) and The Upper Midwest Public Health Training Center (UMPHTC) to equip public health administrators and other interested community partners with evidence-supported tools...

Clinton Foundation's Coachella Valley Blueprint for Action

Through the Clinton Foundation’s Health Matters Initiative , leaders from the Coachella Valley have developed the Coachella Valley Blueprint for Action . The County Health Rankings model serves as the foundation for how the report and the work is...

Healthy! Capital Counties Project-Lansing, MI

One of the strengths of the Healthy! Capital Counties partnership is having a combination of skills and expertise: Some of the partners are avid “number crunchers” while others have a knack for using data to tell a story.

Partner Up! For Public Health Power Ratings – Atlanta, GA

This still-evolving, data-driven narrative has already been presented to more 30 audiences throughout Georgia, including the Georgia Public Health Association, Georgia Rural Health Association, the Georgia Association of Regional Commissions, and a meeting of key state legislative leaders; it was also featured in the first 2012 issue of Healthcare Georgia Foundation’s signature publication, HealthVoices, and is now drawing attention outside the state.

County Health Calculator

The County Health Calculator app shows, for the nation, states, and counties, the impact that social factors like education and income have on health and wellbeing. It explores how many premature deaths and cases of diabetes could be avoided in communities if more people had the better health that is so strongly linked with more education and higher income.