About the Prize

RWJF Culture of Health Prize

A Culture of Health recognizes that health and wellbeing are greatly influenced by where we live, work, the safety of our surroundings, and the relationships we have in our families and communities. The Prize elevates the compelling stories of local leaders and community members who are coming together to create conditions for health and prosperity by transforming neighborhoods, schools, and businesses—so that good health flourishes everywhere.

The RWJF Culture of Health Prize is an annual competition that awards $25,000 to winning communities that are making great strides in their journey to better health. Prize communities also have the opportunity for national and local promotion of their story and successes to inspire other's efforts, and the opportunity to join a national network of past winning communities.

Prize Applications

Applications for the 2019 RWJF Culture of Health Prize are now closed. Visit the archived CFA for more information and stay tuned for the announcement of finalists in Spring 2019. Additionally, look for news on applications for the 2020 Prize this summer.

Visit rwjf.org/prize for additional information on the Prize competition and Prize-winning communities.


For more information on the RWJF Culture of Health Prize, please contact:
Carrie Carroll, Deputy Director, RWJF Culture of Health Prize