Take Action: Act on What’s Important

Take Action
Date & Time
Sep 11, 2012 12:00am EDT

Once you’ve decided which policy or program will fit your community, the next step is to work on adoption and implementation. Since there are no “one size fits all” blueprints for success, communities need to build on inherent strengths, capitalize on available resources, and respond to unique needs. This webinar focused on guidance, tools and resources for ensuring that your community’s selected policies and programs are adopted, implemented, improved, and maintained in order to achieve intended results. 

Our guest, Kurt Eggebrecht, Health Officer for the Appleton City Health Department, told the story of how Appleton became one of the first communities in Wisconsin to go 100% smoke-free. He was joined by Paula Morgen, Community Health Manager at ThedaCare, who will talk about the opportunities that have emerged since. We explored the lessons learned from the tobacco campaign and what the possible implications are for the area's current work on obesity.