How Lasting Change Happens: Moving from Food Pantries to Policies

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Date & Time
Oct 28, 2014 3:00pm EDT

Systems change and policy work require a lot of time and hard work and are often difficult to fund, but we know that these are what drive long-term, sustainable health improvements in our communities. At the same time, people are in need now, and programs and services have to be in place to help them. How can community organizations balance addressing immediate, pressing needs with working on longer term, sustainable changes? How can communities fund their policy and system change work? 

Our guest presenter, Allison Jordan, Executive Director of North Carolina’s Children First/Communities In Schools of Buncombe County (CISBC), will share how they are providing immediate support to families needing food, rental assistance, after school support, and other services, while advocating for policy change. She will talk about how her organization works with media and other key partners to build successful advocacy for children and families, and how community values drive every conversation. Buncombe County is a 2014 RWJF Culture of Health Prize winner, and CISBC is a key player in that success.