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Take Action: Work Together

Take Action
Work Together

Date & Time

May 8, 2012 12:00am EDT



The first step and foundation for the Take Action Cycle is Work Together, and this was the focus of our May 8, 2012 webinar.  
Communities vary widely, and as a result, community health improvement efforts also vary. In the midst of all this variety is one constant: people working together. With a shared vision and commitment to improved health, working together can yield better results than working alone.
This webinar featured Live54218, an obesity prevention initiative in Brown County, WI. Live54218 leaders discussed how multi-sector collaborations helped the initiative achieve some early wins and focus efforts on environmental changes to create a healthier Brown County, focusing specifically on: 
  • The role of non-traditional, multi-sector partners as leaders and how non-traditional partners have helped Live54218 leverage resources. 
  • The use of environmental change as a shared vision to motivate and keep partners engaged.