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Roadmaps to Health Coaching

Roadmaps to Health Coaching provides local leaders with direct support from community coaches to strengthen their capacity to advance efforts to build a Culture of Health in their communities. The Roadmaps to Health Action Center is an online platform with access to coaches which provides practical help for communities working collectively to improve their health. It provides guidance and tools to understand the data and strategies that communities can use to take action. Coaches bring expertise from a variety of disciplines—from public health to law to social work to urban planning to hospital community benefits—to support leaders in using Action Center tools and guidance to advance health.

Roadmaps to Health Coaching offers community leaders the opportunity to: 

  • Develop, strengthen, and/or rejuvenate multi-sector partnerships so they are better poised to advance work that builds a Culture of Health;
  • Enhance community capacity in at least one area in the Poised for Progress tool (a self-assessment of the critical skills necessary to create health in communities); 
  • Build direction, alignment and commitment to implement and sustain specific strategies to enhance health outcomes; and
  • Connect with other community leaders or national experts who are building a Culture of Health.

What is required to work with a community coach?

Community coaches work with anyone who requests assistance. The most common way coaches begin to work with community members is through a short-term interaction of one to three emails or telephone contacts to address a particular question or request to learn more about the County Health Rankings or the tools and guidance available in the Roadmaps to Health Action Center. 

For communities who are ready to move beyond the Assess and Focus steps of the Take Action Cycle into the Choose, Act, and/or Evaluate stages of the cycle, opportunities exist for an individual leader or a team of leaders to work with a coach over a six to twelve month period. In addition to a true desire to improve the health of your community, this formal coaching relationship requires:

  • An application that provides background about the community and the individual or team’s goal for coaching;
  • A formal agreement with the coach that outlines expectations for the community participant(s)and the coach during the coaching engagement; and
  • A commitment to meet at least monthly during the coaching engagement, to complete work between monthly meetings, and to provide feedback to help improve coaching engagements.

Where are coaches located?

While the Roadmaps to Health Action Center is based at the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute in Madison, Wisconsin, coaches are located in communities across the nation including in Colorado, Florida, Kentucky, Maryland, New Jersey, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

Are coaches always available?

Coaches will respond to requests for initial contact within two business days of receipt of your request and are always available for short-term (1-3 contacts) interaction with community members. Access to longer-term formal coaching engagement is dependent on the availability of coaching staff. 

Do coaches ever visit communities or is all the coaching done virtually?

The majority of coaching is conducted remotely using a variety of platforms including email, teleconferences, and web-based meetings. For communities who enter into the formal coaching agreement, one in-person community-based learning opportunity with the coach is included during the coaching engagement.

What does coaching cost?

Thanks to the generous support of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, there is no charge to community members for community coaching or any associated costs (such as teleconferences, on-site visit travel costs).

How do I request a coach?

To contact a community coach and learn more about how this resource may help your community, contact us.