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Use the power of story

Stories spark curiosity and create empathy. Stories go beyond data and statistics and make your work come alive to the people you want to influence.

“Story is the single most powerful communication tool we have,” Andy Goodman, The Goodman Center.

How can you tap into the power of storytelling?

Purpose. What do you want to see happen as a result of your story? Setting the right storytelling objectives will help you produce stories to meet your audiences where they are and move them from awareness to action. (1)

Stories can:

  • Raise awareness about an issue or an organization
  • Change attitudes about an issue
  • Recruit new partners
  • Develop resources (e.g., funding, volunteers)
  • Motivate people to take a specific action

Hatch for Good, supported by the Rockefeller Foundation, is a deep resource for developing your storytelling strategy. The site has four interactive sections designed to help you strategically craft, curate, and share stories.

Collect stories. Introduction to Storytelling provides guidance on the elements of a good story, how to collect stories and identify best uses, and how to create a story bank. Consider gathering personal stories from community members affected by the issues you’re working to address.

Leverage Pop Culture. Television and film also provide powerful stories that you can leverage for good. AndACTION gives groups a heads up about upcoming film and TV storylines that feature their issues. Seven Creative Ways to Use Stories to Advance Your Issue provides simple ways you can get started using pop culture.

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