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Start the conversation

The County Health Rankings are a data tool, but they are also a communication tool. They help start the conversation about health in your community. The data tell a part of your community’s story. It’s up to you to fill in the rest of the story.

Engage your community. Consider hosting a public forum or listening session to share the Rankings data. Ask community members how they experience the issues raised. Here are a few tips and tools to help you prepare:

  • Use the County Health Rankings model and your county snapshot to begin these discussions. (To find your snapshot, go to the Rankings homepage and select your state, then county, on the interactive map.)
  • Our discussion guide for County Health Rankings model provides some thought-provoking questions than can spark discussion around the model and what it means for your community.
  • Download the County Health Rankings & Roadmaps 101 slides. These slides include speakers notes and can help you frame your message.
  • You likely have your own data and insights from a community assessment. Use the Rankings as a hook to ignite or re-ignite conversations about your findings.

Bring equity into the conversation. Looking for a way to start or extend the conversation about equity? These short videos have gotten us talking about equity. They could be a useful place to start in your community. Choose one or more of the following videos to watch and reflect together. Our Video Facilitation Guide can help you prepare.

Why is Jason in the Hospital? (from Bernalillo County Place Matters) (3:27)


Clint Smith – “Place Matters” (from Bacani Films) (3:41)


Camara Jones -- Allegories on race and racism (from TEDx Talks) (20:31)