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Select the best strategy

As you make your selection, consider a balance of strategies. Start with short-term strategies that give you early wins. At the same time, lay the groundwork for strategies that have a longer-term impact.

To decide which strategy to implement:

  1. Generate a list of your top choices.
  2. Ensure that your process has been inclusive.
  3. Decide on your chosen strategy.

List your top choices. It might be helpful to use voting or decision-making procedures. This process can be loosely structured or follow a formal process. Learn more about decision-making processes in the Focus on What’s Important guide. Learn more about these procedures in the Focus on What’s Important guide.

Check your inclusiveness. Reflect on how inclusive your process has been. How were those most impacted by the issue engaged in considering strategies? How have their lived experiences and opinions guided the decision?

Choose a strategy. Pull together what you know about your top strategy choices, their impact, and your community to make a decision. The Policy Advocacy Choice Worksheet can help you tie it all together in one place. This tool calculates a score to help you decide which policy or systems change has the best chance in your community. We like this tool for its rigor and comprehensive nature, but it can feel complicated. This is a great tool to work through with one of our Roadmaps to Health Community Coaches. Contact us to talk with a community coach about how this resource can help your community.

Do we need to adapt the strategy? Policies and programs may not be a fit for your community straight “out of the box.” Policies and programs don’t always travel well. You may need to adjust the strategy to fit your community. Adapting tested policies and programs or trying innovative strategies means your evaluation needs to be more rigorous evaluation. Is what you're doing working as intended? Do you need to course correct? Find more in our Evaluate Actions step.

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