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Share results with your community

Sharing your results raises community awareness, influences public opinion, and mobilizes support.

Consider four key questions to help you prepare to communicate your results:

  1. What data are most important to share?
  2. How should numbers be shown?
  3. How should the results be presented?
  4. How should the results be distributed?1

Visualize the data. Maps and infographics can be powerful ways to convey important information. Maps can help you uncover important patterns. The Visualize the Data section of our Using the Rankings Data tool provides a list of resources where mapped data is available for download.

Get the word out. You can communicate your results in a variety of ways.

  • Community presentations or forums
  • Publishing and distributing fact sheets
  • Websites
  • Social media
  • Local media

Create a feedback loop. How will you incorporate community feedback? Does the community perceive your data and findings to be valid? Take time to explain your methodology and raise awareness about the problems identified during your assessment. If your results don’t resonate with the community, spend some time listening – what do community members see as the most pressing issues?

Find more guidance and tools for sharing results in our Communicate guide.

1. Mizoguchi N, Luluquisen M, Witt S, Maker L. Handbook for Participatory Community Assessments: Experiences from Alameda County. In: Department ACPH, editor. Oakland, CA; 2004.