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Review your County Health Rankings data

The County Health Rankings provide a snapshot of your community’s health and a starting point for improving health and increasing health equity.

Find your county snapshot:

  1. Go to
  2. Select your state from the map.
  3. Select your county.

From your snapshot, you’ll be able to review data used to calculate your county’s current rank. Your snapshot can help you understand how long and how well residents in your county are living.

Use the Areas to Explore and Areas of Strength buttons at the top of your county snapshot to highlight potential challenges your community may want to examine more closely and factors that are assets in your community. Exploring the Data can help you get the most of our the Rankings data.

What does it mean? Making Use of Your Snapshot will help you interpret your county’s data. It can also help you think about additional questions to ask and sources of data to explore.

Beyond county lines. The work of improving health doesn’t always fit neatly into county lines. The community you’re focused on might extend across multiple counties or sit within a small area of a county. If county-level data doesn’t feel relevant, consider using your snapshot to:

  • Understand the broader context in which your community exists.
  • Review the types of measures communities around the nation are using for their assessments.
  • Compare to your community data.

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