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Mind the gaps

Not all Americans have the same opportunities to lead long and healthy lives. Health gaps can exist in many dimensions. We see gaps between residents across county lines and between groups within communities.

Why is there so much difference in the health of residents in one county compared to other counties in the same state? The State Health Gaps reports provide additional context to help you begin to answer this question. The reports provide an overview of the different types of gaps in health that exist from one county to another within your state. They also offer next steps that policymakers and leaders, together with communities, can take to improve health.

Keep talking. The Health Gaps Discussion Guide offers important considerations and tips on how to bring together diverse stakeholders to continue a conversation on health gaps, and how to create a safe space for dialogue.

A note about this equity image: This is not a perfect metaphor, but the purpose of this image is to engage in a conversation about what it means to pursue health equity. Who in your community may not have a fair chance to achieve their health potential? How do we shape and govern our communities so that everyone has the opportunity for good health?

The Center for Story-based Strategy and the Interaction Institute for Social Change have partnered to create the 4th box toolkit. The toolkit keeps ideas flowing for how to frame equity. We’ve had meaningful conversations using the 4th box to recreate the image. What does your 4th box look like?

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