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Tools for Action

This article (from Collective Impact Forum) describes five key characteristics of civic culture or community rhythms that help explain why some communities move faster and others slower when it comes...

Tools for Action

This tool (from Wholonomy Consulting LLC) is part of the Building Capacity for Collective Impact Toolkit Series and includes questions to help organizations consider whether they are ready to engage...

Tools for Action

This tool (from SMART Learning Systems) is a way to organize brainstormed lists into like categories. It is useful when you want to involve an entire group in organizing and consolidating many ideas...

Tools for Action

This tool (from CHR&R) includes brief descriptions of group process tools to engage members and reflect on learning. It can be found in  It can be found in Work Together under...

Tools for Action

This tool (from CHR&R) is a worksheet designed to help you consider strategies that could be utilized to address the identified health issue at the individual, organization/institution, and...

Tools for Action

This tool (from the Health Policy Institute of Ohio and the Ohio Department of Health) outlines a step-by-step process to efficiently determine which strategies are likely to improve the health of...

Tools for Action

This tool (from the Advocacy Institute) offers guidance for moving from broad goals to specific tactics and steps. This tool can be found in Choose Effective Policies & Programs under Define your...

Tools for Action

This tool (from Spitfire Strategies) will help you effectively divide your time across the most important digital platforms and create a comprehensive and integrated digital strategy. It can be found...

Tools for Action

This resource, written by Sara Rosenbaum, J.D. at The George Washington University’s School of Public Health and Health Services, identifies guiding principles to inform the implementation of...

Tools for Action

This tool (from CHR&R) provides guidance for examining trends over time. It can be found in the Measuring Progress section under Other Data.