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Tools for Action

This tool (from Coalitions Work) is a 45-item survey for members to rate the coalition on aspects related to planning, implementation, leadership, local and statewide involvement, communication,...

Tools for Action

This tool (from Prevention Institute) provides a helpful framework for establishing a coalition. It can be found in Evaluate Actions under Evaluate your partnership and make changes.

Tools for Action

This tool (from CHR&R) helps you identify personal connections with the people who know the decision-makers.  It asks who do you know who knows the key decision-makers? Your answers...

Tools for Action

This toolkit (from The Praxis Project) provides analytical frameworks, tools, and concepts, drawing on lessons from successful grassroots policy advocacy that effectively shifted emphasis from...

Tools for Action

This tool (created by Stephanie Roth & Kim Klein of the Grassroots Fundraising Journal) includes a self assessment to identify ways board members and supporters can contribute to resource...

Tools for Action

This tool (from M+R) will help your organization plan or expand its efforts to secure funds from individual and corporate donors. It can be found in Act on What’s Important under Develop a...

Tools for Action

This tool (from Tom Wolff) can help you explore whether seeking outside funding is a good idea for your situation.

Tools for Action

This tool (from Bank of Ideas) is a page of suggestions for keeping members and active participants involved and the community informed and supportive. Use it as a checklist for how to keep momentum...

Tools for Action

This tool (from M + R) can help identify new sources of support, resources, and perspectives. It can be found in Act on What’s Important under Identify allies and opponents.

Tools for Action

This tool (from Missouri Foundation for Health's Social Innovation for Missouri Project) helps your team identify where your strengths are in the improvement process and where additional...