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Tools for Action

The Center for Story-based Strategy and the Interaction Institute for Social Change have partnered to create the 4th box toolkit. The toolkit keeps ideas flowing for how to frame equity. It can...

Tools for Action

Broadening Your View (from CHR&R) is a section from Using the Rankings Data helps you widen your focus beyond the specific measures included in the Rankings. It can be found in Broadening...

Tools for Action

IAP2’s Public Participation Spectrum (from the International Association for Public Participation) helps group define the public’s role in any public participation process. It can be found under ...

Tools for Action

Making Use of Your Snapshot (from CHR&R) helps you navigate the information in your county’s snapshot and identify key areas where you may wish to look for additional data. It can be found in ...

Tools for Action

Exploring the Data (from CHR&R) helps you get the most out of the Rankings and the wealth of underlying data. It can be found in Exploring the Data.


This document provides a two-page summary of steps in the Action Center's Assess Needs & Resources guide. It can be found in Assess Needs & Resources.

Press Release

This is the application and background material for the 2017 County Health Rankings Research Grants Call for Proposals. It can be found in 2017 Call for Proposals.

Rankings Documentation

This document provides the data sources and years of data used for the 2017 additional measures. It can be found in Ranking Methods, under Data Sources and Measures.

Rankings Documentation

This document provides descriptive data for the County Health Rankings 2017 ranked measures and additional measures, including national statistics. It can be found in Ranking Methods,...

Rankings Documentation

This document summarizes the changes in ranked measures between 2016 and 2017. It can be found in Ranking Methods, under Data Sources and Measures.