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Policies and programs that can improve health

Community kitchens for food processing

Expert Opinion

Establish shared kitchen spaces that support licensed, commercial food processing and connect specialty food processors, farmers, and others who produce value-added goods

Diet and Exercise

Community kitchens for nutrition education

Insufficient Evidence

Use shared kitchen spaces where community members share knowledge, resources, and labor to prepare, cook, and consume food, often with nutrition education for participants experiencing food insecurity

Diet and Exercise

Community land trusts

Some Evidence

Purchase land to lease to low and middle income home owners and require them to sell the home back to the CLT or to another low income resident at an affordable price

Housing and Transit

Community policing

Scientifically Supported

Implement a policing philosophy based on community partnership, organizational transformation, and problem solving techniques to proactively address public safety issues: also called community-oriented policing

Community Safety

Community schools

Some Evidence

Combine academic, physical health, mental health, and social service resources in schools for students and families via partnerships with community organizations; also called community learning centers


Community supported agriculture (CSA)

Expert Opinion

Establish partnerships between farmers and consumers in which consumers purchase a share of a farm’s products in advance

Diet and Exercise

Community water fluoridation

Scientifically Supported

Adjust and monitor fluoride in public water supplies to reach and retain optimal fluoride concentrations

Access to Care

Community weight loss challenges

Expert Opinion

Support temporary programs that work to energize participants to lose weight via prizes, often combined with education, weight status and food intake tracking, regular check-ins, and group support

Diet and Exercise

Community-based social support for physical activity

Scientifically Supported

Build, strengthen, and maintain social networks that provide supportive relationships for behavior change (e.g., setting up a buddy system or a walking group)

Diet and Exercise

Community-wide physical activity campaigns

Some Evidence

Engage a variety of partners in a highly visible, multi-component effort to increase physical activity, often with efforts to address cardiovascular disease risk factors

Diet and Exercise