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Youth apprenticeship initiatives

Expert Opinion

Provide participating high school students with professional opportunities that combine academic and on-the-job training or mentorship


Youth in adult justice system

Evidence of Ineffectiveness

Transfer arrested youth from the juvenile justice system to the adult criminal justice system

Community Safety

Youth leadership programs

Expert Opinion

Provide youth with leadership and empowerment opportunities, often through social activities such as youth councils, advocacy groups, peer education, and local government youth boards

Family and Social Support

Youth peer mentoring

Some Evidence

Establish an ongoing relationship between an older youth or young adult and a younger child or adolescent, usually an elementary or middle school student; also called cross-age peer mentoring

Family and Social Support

Zoning regulations for chickens and bees

Expert Opinion

Allow residents to keep chickens and bees within city limits

Diet and Exercise

Zoning regulations for fast food

Expert Opinion

Limit or ban fast food outlets in areas of a city, restrict the number or density of outlets, or regulate distance between fast food outlets and other sites (e.g., schools)

Diet and Exercise

Zoning regulations for land use policy

Scientifically Supported

Use zoning regulations to address aesthetics and safety of the physical environment, street continuity and connectivity, residential density and proximity to businesses, schools, and recreation, etc.

Housing and Transit  ·  Diet and Exercise