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Policies and programs that can improve health

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Out of town bypasses

Some Evidence

Establish roads that avoid built-up areas such as towns, cities, or commercial/business districts

Housing and Transit  ·  Community Safety

Playground safety regulations

Some Evidence

Adopt regulations that address the safety of playground environment, equipment, and materials, as well as adult supervision

Community Safety

Primary seat belt enforcement laws

Scientifically Supported

Allow law enforcement officials to stop drivers solely for failing to use a seat belt

Community Safety

Recreational marijuana legalization

Insufficient Evidence

Allow adults to possess a limited amount of marijuana for personal, non-medical use

Alcohol and Drug Use  ·  Community Safety

Restorative justice in criminal justice system

Scientifically Supported

Use victim-offender dialogue to address the harm caused by a crime and victims’ needs; can take place pre-arrest or post sentence via sharing circles, victim-offender mediation, or face-to-face conferences

Community Safety

Risk assessments & personalized approaches to fall prevention among older adults

Scientifically Supported

Conduct assessments that gauge older adults’ risk of falling and develop personalized approaches to help prevent falls

Community Safety  ·  Quality of Care

Rollover protection structures (ROPS)

Some Evidence

Use metal bars, frames, or crush proof cabs that prevent tractors from rolling over and crushing their drivers

Community Safety

Scared Straight

Evidence of Ineffectiveness

Organize tours of prison facilities for juvenile delinquents or youth at risk of delinquency and allow them to observe prison life and attend inmates’ presentations; also called juvenile awareness programs

Community Safety

School-based intimate partner violence prevention programs

Some Evidence

Provide youth with teen dating violence education that addresses healthy relationships, gender norms, relationship coercion, and violence in a school setting

Community Safety

Speed enforcement detection devices

Scientifically Supported

Use devices such as speed cameras, radar, etc. to enforce speed limits; devices can be permanent fixtures or be used manually by law enforcement officers

Housing and Transit  ·  Community Safety