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Policies and programs that can improve health

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Responsible beverage server training (RBS/RBST)

Some Evidence

Educate owners, managers, servers, and sellers at alcohol establishments about strategies to avoid illegally selling alcohol to underage youth or intoxicated patrons

Alcohol and Drug Use

Retail alcohol sale privatization

Evidence of Ineffectiveness

Repeal government control over retail sales of alcoholic beverages, allowing commercial retailing of those beverages

Alcohol and Drug Use

Sales to intoxicated persons (SIP) law enforcement

Insufficient Evidence

Increase enforcement of laws that prohibit alcoholic beverage service to intoxicated customers, usually with fines, imprisonment, or revocation of a license

Alcohol and Drug Use

School-based social norming: alcohol consumption

Mixed Evidence

Provide objective, normative information to reduce students’ misperceptions about alcohol use and, ultimately, change their alcohol consumption

Alcohol and Drug Use

Seller & server minimum age

Insufficient Evidence

Require a minimum age for sellers in off-premise locations that sell alcohol and servers and bartenders in on-premise locations

Alcohol and Drug Use

Social host laws

Expert Opinion

Adopt laws that hold private property owners who provide alcohol to minors or obviously intoxicated individuals on their property liable if someone is killed or injured as a result

Alcohol and Drug Use

Universal school-based programs: alcohol misuse & impaired driving

Some Evidence

Provide all students with the information and skills to prevent alcohol use; programs can be delivered via a specific curriculum or as a component of classroom behavior management

Alcohol and Drug Use