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Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS)

Some Evidence

Match disadvantaged or at-risk youth with volunteer mentors in school or community settings

Community Safety  ·  Education

Bike & pedestrian master plans

Some Evidence

Establish a framework to increase walking and biking trails and improve connectivity of non-auto paths and trails in a particular area

Housing and Transit  ·  Diet and Exercise

Birthing Project Sister Friends

Insufficient Evidence

Provide one-on-one support and education to women of color, by women of color during pregnancy and for one year after birth

Family and Social Support

Blood alcohol concentration laws

Scientifically Supported

Set legal limits for drivers’ blood alcohol concentrations (BACs)

Alcohol and Drug Use

Breastfeeding promotion programs

Scientifically Supported

Engage health care professionals, lay health workers, and others to increase breastfeeding initiation, exclusive breastfeeding, and duration of breastfeeding

Diet and Exercise

Breath testing checkpoints

Scientifically Supported

Implement checkpoints where law enforcement officers can stop drivers suspected of drinking and driving and assess their level of alcohol impairment; also called sobriety checkpoints

Alcohol and Drug Use

Bridge programs for hard-to-employ adults

Expert Opinion

Provide basic skills (e.g., reading, math, writing, English language, or soft skills) and industry-specific training with other supports; often incorporated in career pathway programs

Education  ·  Employment

CAFO regulations

Expert Opinion

Establish local regulations for confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs) that address location, size, facility management, and pollution contributions to complement US EPA regulations

Air and Water Quality

Campus alcohol bans

Insufficient Evidence

Restrict alcohol consumption anywhere on a college or university campus or ban alcohol only in specific areas (e.g., residence halls)

Alcohol and Drug Use

Car seat distribution & education programs

Scientifically Supported

Provide parents with car seats free of charge, via loan or low cost rental, often with installation support

Community Safety