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Policies and programs that can improve health

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Intensive case management for pregnant & parenting teens

Some Evidence

Provide pregnant or parenting teens with services based upon their needs (e.g., counseling, connections to health care or social services, academic support, etc.) in school or community settings

Sexual Activity

Long-acting reversible contraception access

Some Evidence

Increase access to LARCs through cost reduction, comprehensive birth control counseling, provider training, efforts to ensure availability at local clinics, etc.

Access to Care  ·  Sexual Activity

Mass media campaigns to prevent pregnancy & STIs

Some Evidence

Use TV, radio, internet, and print media to disseminate information about safe sex behaviors

Sexual Activity

Media restrictions on sexual content

Insufficient Evidence

Reduce child and adolescent access to sexual content in television, movies, music, and videogames via rating systems, parental advisories, parental guidelines, etc.

Sexual Activity

Multi-component interventions: pregnancy and STIs

Some Evidence

Support initiatives that combine classroom instruction, individual counseling, and broad community efforts to reduce pregnancy and STIs among youth

Sexual Activity

School or community-based abstinence-only education

Mixed Evidence

Promote abstinence from sexual activity, generally only with mention of condoms and birth control to highlight failure rates

Sexual Activity

School-based health clinics with reproductive health services

Some Evidence

Provide reproductive health care services such as counseling, contraception, and testing in middle and high school-based health clinics

Sexual Activity

Social networking site interventions: risky sexual behavior

Expert Opinion

Use social networks such as Facebook and MySpace to deliver health education, often as part of a broader online campaign of websites and social networks

Sexual Activity

Teen pregnancy prevention programs

Some Evidence

Support school-, community-, and clinic-based teen pregnancy prevention programs such as comprehensive sex education, HIV/STI prevention and youth development efforts, service learning, etc.

Sexual Activity