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Policies and programs that can improve health

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Carpool & rideshare programs

Expert Opinion

Help commuters share transportation through informal arrangements between individuals, formally arranged dynamic ridesharing programs, or other ride-matching services

Air and Water Quality  ·  Housing and Transit

Housing trust funds

Expert Opinion

Support funds that help create or maintain low income housing, subsidize rental housing, and assist low income homebuyers and non-profit housing developers

Housing and Transit

Individual incentives for public transportation

Some Evidence

Offer incentives such as free or discounted bus, rail, or transit passes, reimbursements, partial payments, or pre-tax payroll deductions to encourage individuals’ use of existing public transit

Housing and Transit

Integrated pest management for indoor use

Scientifically Supported

Support a four-tiered approach to indoor pest control that minimizes potential hazards to people, property, and the environment

Housing and Transit

Lead paint abatement programs

Scientifically Supported

Eliminate lead-based paint and contaminated dust by removing or encapsulating lead paint, or removing lead painted fixtures and surfaces

Housing and Transit

Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTCs)

Some Evidence

Provide funding via tax credits at the state and local level to support development and rehabilitation costs of low income rental housing

Housing and Transit

Multi-component workplace supports for active commuting

Some Evidence

Provide physical infrastructure (e.g., bike parking or showers), educational or social support (e.g., walking groups), and financial incentives that support active commuting

Housing and Transit  ·  Diet and Exercise

Rural transportation services

Expert Opinion

Establish transportation services for areas with low population densities using publicly funded buses and vans on a set schedule, dial-a-ride transit, volunteer ridesharing, etc.

Access to Care  ·  Housing and Transit