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Policies and programs that can improve health

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Access to places for physical activity

Scientifically Supported

Enhancing access to places for physical activity involves changes to local environments that create new opportunities for physical activity or reduce...

Diet and Exercise

Active recess interventions

Scientifically Supported

Active, semi-structured, or structured recess is a break from the school day typically before lunch that involves a variety of planned, inclusive,...

Diet and Exercise

Activity programs for older adults

Scientifically Supported

Programs for older adults offer educational, social, or physical activities in group settings that encourage personal interactions, regular...

Diet and Exercise  ·  Family and Social Support

Attract new grocery stores to low income areas

Expert Opinion

Financing initiatives or zoning regulation changes can be structured to bring grocery stores or supermarkets to underserved neighborhoods. Grocery...

Diet and Exercise

Bicycle and pedestrian master plans

Some Evidence

Bicycle and pedestrian master plans establish a framework to increase walking and biking trails, and improve connectivity of non-auto paths and...

Housing and Transit  ·  Diet and Exercise

Breastfeeding promotion programs

Scientifically Supported

Breastfeeding promotion programs aim to increase breastfeeding initiation, exclusive breastfeeding, and duration of breastfeeding.

Diet and Exercise

Child-focused advertising restrictions: unhealthy foods & beverages

Some Evidence

Child-focused advertising restrictions for unhealthy foods and beverages minimize corporate appeals to children and adolescents who may not be aware...

Diet and Exercise

College-based obesity prevention interventions

Insufficient Evidence

College-based obesity prevention interventions aim to set long-term behavioral patterns during the transition to adulthood through behavioral...

Diet and Exercise

Community gardens

Some Evidence

A community garden is any piece of land that is gardened or cultivated by a group of people. Community gardens are typically owned by local...

Diet and Exercise

Community kitchens: food processing

Expert Opinion

Community kitchens that support licensed, commercial food processing activities meet city, state, and federal health guidelines and allow specialty...

Diet and Exercise