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Policies and programs that can improve health

64 results

Access to places for physical activity

Scientifically Supported

Enhancing access to places for physical activity involves changes to local environments (e.g., creating walking trails), building exercise facilities...

Diet and Exercise

Activity programs for older adults

Scientifically Supported

Programs for older adults offer educational, social, or physical activities in group settings that encourage personal interactions, regular...

Diet and Exercise  ·  Family and Social Support

Breastfeeding promotion programs

Scientifically Supported

Breastfeeding promotion programs aim to increase breastfeeding initiation, exclusive breastfeeding, and duration of breastfeeding.

Diet and Exercise

Competitive pricing in schools

Scientifically Supported

Competitive pricing assigns higher costs to non-nutritious foods and lower costs to nutritious foods. Competitive pricing can be implemented in...

Diet and Exercise

Enhance/expand school-based physical education

Scientifically Supported

Expanding and enhancing school-based physical education (PE) classes can include adding new PE classes, lengthening existing PE classes, or...

Diet and Exercise

Fitness programs in community settings

Scientifically Supported

Fitness programs can be offered in a variety of community settings including community wellness, fitness, community, and senior centers. Program...

Diet and Exercise

Improve streetscape design

Scientifically Supported

Improvements to streetscape design can include increased street lighting, enhanced street landscaping, increased sidewalk coverage and connectivity...

Housing and Transit  ·  Diet and Exercise

Individually-adapted health behavior change

Scientifically Supported

Individually-adapted health behavior change programs teach behavioral skills that can help participants incorporate physical activity into their...

Diet and Exercise

Mixed-use development

Scientifically Supported

Mixed-use development supports a combination of land uses within a project (e.g., residential, commercial, recreational, etc.) as opposed to...

Housing and Transit  ·  Diet and Exercise

Multi-component obesity prevention interventions

Scientifically Supported

Multi-component interventions include a combination of educational, environmental, and behavioral activities such as: nutrition education, aerobic/...

Diet and Exercise