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Policies and programs that can improve health

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Active recess

Scientifically Supported

Establish a break from the school day, typically before lunch, that involves planned, inclusive, actively supervised games or activities; also called semi-structured, or structured recess

Diet and Exercise

Activity programs for older adults

Scientifically Supported

Offer group educational, social, or physical activities that promote social interactions, regular attendance, and community involvement among older adults

Diet and Exercise  ·  Family and Social Support

Administrative license suspension/revocation laws

Scientifically Supported

Enable law enforcement officials to take an individual’s drivers license when that individual refuses or fails a chemical test such as a breathalyzer

Alcohol and Drug Use

Adult vocational training

Scientifically Supported

Support acquisition of job-specific skills through education, certification programs, or on-the-job training, often with personal development resources and other supports


Affordable housing tax increment financing (TIF)

Expert Opinion

Create designated tax districts that generate revenue to invest in affordable housing initiatives, blight remediation, and economic development efforts

Housing and Transit

Alcohol access restrictions in public places

Expert Opinion

Restrict alcohol availability and use at sporting events, other public events (e.g., concerts and street fairs) and in public spaces such as parks and beaches

Alcohol and Drug Use

Alcohol advertising restrictions

Some Evidence

Restrict the content and placement of alcohol advertisements via local ordinances, state laws, or industry self-regulation

Alcohol and Drug Use

Alcohol days of sale restrictions

Some Evidence

Limit the days alcohol can be sold in on-premise settings such as bars and restaurants or in off-premise outlets such as liquor and convenience stores; sometimes with limits to times of sale

Alcohol and Drug Use

Alcohol outlet density restrictions

Scientifically Supported

Use regulatory authority to reduce density of alcohol beverage outlets (i.e., places that sell alcohol) or limit increases in the density of such outlets

Alcohol and Drug Use

Alcohol taxes

Scientifically Supported

Increase the price of alcohol via regular adjustments to taxes levied for beer, wine, and liquor purchases

Alcohol and Drug Use