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Policies and programs that can improve health

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Outdoor experiential education & wilderness therapy

Scientifically Supported

Support outdoor pursuits that emphasize inter- and intra-personal growth through overcoming obstacles (e.g., challenge courses, wilderness excursions, etc.)

Family and Social Support

Parents as Teachers (PAT)

Some Evidence

Support home visits that teach parents about early childhood development and effective parenting strategies, with child development screenings, parental meetings, and links to community resources


Permeable pavement projects

Scientifically Supported

Use pervious concrete, porous asphalt, permeable interlocking pavers, open-jointed blocks or cells, or other permeable pavement in individual or commercial development efforts; also called porous or pervious pavement

Air and Water Quality

Preschool & child care Quality Rating and Improvement Systems (QRIS)

Some Evidence

Assess and improve the quality of early child care and preschool via financial incentives, standards, processes to monitor standards and support improvement, etc.


Preschool education programs

Scientifically Supported

Provide center-based programs that support cognitive and social-emotional growth among children who are not old enough to enter formal schooling


Proper drug disposal programs

Expert Opinion

Establish programs that accept expired, unwanted, or unused medicines from designated users and dispose of them responsibly

Alcohol and Drug Use  ·  Air and Water Quality

Rain barrels

Some Evidence

Use ready-made or home constructed barrel systems to collect and store rainwater from rooftops that would otherwise flow to storm drains and streams

Air and Water Quality

Rain gardens & other bioretention systems

Scientifically Supported

Establish bioretention systems (e.g., rain gardens, bioretention cells, green roofs, planter boxes, bioswales, etc.) to make city landscapes more permeable

Air and Water Quality

Rapid re-housing programs

Some Evidence

Transition families and individuals experiencing homelessness into permanent housing quickly, often with supports such as short-term financial assistance, case management, landlord negotiations, etc.

Housing and Transit

Restorative justice in criminal justice system

Scientifically Supported

Use victim-offender dialogue to address the harm caused by a crime and victims’ needs; can take place pre-arrest or post sentence via sharing circles, victim-offender mediation, or face-to-face conferences

Community Safety