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Policies and programs that can improve health

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Mass media campaigns against alcohol-impaired driving

Scientifically Supported

Use mass media campaigns to persuade individuals to avoid drinking and driving or to prevent others from doing so; campaigns often focus on fear of arrest or injury to self, others, or property

Alcohol and Drug Use

Mass media campaigns against underage & binge drinking

Expert Opinion

Use television, radio, print, and social media efforts to increase adult awareness of underage drinking and its consequences

Alcohol and Drug Use

Media restrictions on sexual content

Insufficient Evidence

Reduce child and adolescent access to sexual content in television, movies, music, and videogames via rating systems, parental advisories, parental guidelines, etc.

Sexual Activity

Multi-component community interventions against alcohol-impaired driving

Scientifically Supported

Work to reduce alcohol-impaired driving via sobriety checkpoints, responsible beverage service training, education and awareness activities, and other efforts

Alcohol and Drug Use

Naloxone education & distribution programs

Some Evidence

Support community members who are likely to encounter individuals who might overdose with education and training to administer naloxone and ensure all first responders are trained and authorized to administer naloxone

Alcohol and Drug Use

Neighborhood associations

Expert Opinion

Establish formal bodies that connect residents who work together to improve the geographic area in which they and others live

Family and Social Support

Neighborhood watch

Scientifically Supported

Support the efforts of neighborhood residents to work together in preventing crime by reporting suspicious or potentially criminal behavior to local law enforcement

Community Safety

Nutrition prescriptions

Expert Opinion

Provide prescriptions with healthy eating goals for patients and families, often accompanied by progress checks at office visits; can include partnerships with local farmers’ markets via FVRx programs

Diet and Exercise

Online grocery stores

Insufficient Evidence

Use internet-based shopping sites to supply refrigerated, frozen, and non-perishable groceries for residential ordering and delivery

Diet and Exercise

Open Streets

Expert Opinion

Allow community members to gather, socialize, walk, run, bike, skate, etc. by closing selected streets temporarily to motorized traffic; also called Ciclovía programs

Diet and Exercise  ·  Family and Social Support