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Policies and programs that can improve health

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Farmers' markets/stands

Some Evidence

Support multiple or single vendor markets where producers sell goods such as fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, dairy items, and prepared foods directly to consumers

Diet and Exercise

Financial education for adults

Insufficient Evidence

Provide one-on-one or group adult education programs that cover topics such as basic budgeting, bank use, credit management, bankruptcy, credit building and counseling, homeownership, retirement, divorce, etc.


Food buying clubs & co-ops

Expert Opinion

Offer opportunities for group purchase and distribution of selected grocery items, generally at a reduced price

Diet and Exercise

Fruit & vegetable gleaning initiatives

Expert Opinion

Gather food left in fields after a primary harvest, food in fields where harvesting is not profitable, or excess produce from orchards, packing houses, urban agriculture sites, etc.

Diet and Exercise

Fruit & vegetable taste testing

Some Evidence

Offer samples of fresh fruits and vegetables in cafeterias, nutrition classes, school gardens, or workplace well-being meetings, often as part of a multi-faceted nutrition intervention

Diet and Exercise

Healthy Families America (HFA)

Some Evidence

Provide home visiting services to families who are at risk for adverse childhood experiences, starting prenatally or right after birth and continuing for three to five years

Family and Social Support

Healthy food initiatives in food banks

Some Evidence

Combine hunger relief efforts with nutrition information and healthy eating opportunities, often with on-site cooking demonstrations, recipe tastings, produce display stands, etc.

Diet and Exercise

Healthy foods at catered events

Expert Opinion

Provide more fresh fruits and vegetables, smaller portions, low fat, and reduced sodium or reduced sugar food options and other healthy foods at catered events

Diet and Exercise

Household lead control education interventions

Evidence of Ineffectiveness

Inform parents about lead exposure pathways and cleaning and hygiene techniques and undertake minor repairs or specialized cleaning

Housing and Transit

Housing mediation services

Insufficient Evidence

Facilitate mediation between tenants and landlords to resolve conflict and prevent eviction

Housing and Transit