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Policies and programs that can improve health

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Affordable housing tax increment financing (TIF)

Expert Opinion

Create designated tax districts that generate revenue to invest in affordable housing initiatives, blight remediation, and economic development efforts

Housing and Transit

Carpool & rideshare programs

Expert Opinion

Help commuters share transportation through informal arrangements between individuals, formally arranged dynamic ridesharing programs, or other ride-matching services

Air and Water Quality  ·  Housing and Transit

Children's savings accounts

Expert Opinion

Establish dedicated children’s savings account (CSAs) to build assets over time with contributions from family, friends, and sometimes, supporting organizations; also called children’s development accounts (CDAs)

Income  ·  Education

Community arts programs

Expert Opinion

Support locally-based visual, media, and performing arts initiatives for children and adults; also called participatory arts programs

Family and Social Support

Community supported agriculture (CSA)

Expert Opinion

Establish partnerships between farmers and consumers in which consumers purchase a share of a farm’s products in advance

Diet and Exercise

Food buying clubs & co-ops

Expert Opinion

Offer opportunities for group purchase and distribution of selected grocery items, generally at a reduced price

Diet and Exercise

Fruit & vegetable gleaning initiatives

Expert Opinion

Gather food left in fields after a primary harvest, food in fields where harvesting is not profitable, or excess produce from orchards, packing houses, urban agriculture sites, etc.

Diet and Exercise

Healthy foods at catered events

Expert Opinion

Provide more fresh fruits and vegetables, smaller portions, low fat, and reduced sodium or reduced sugar food options and other healthy foods at catered events

Diet and Exercise

Intergenerational communities

Expert Opinion

Create communities that promote interaction and cooperation between individuals of different ages and focus on the needs of all residents, especially children and older adults

Family and Social Support

Lead contaminated soil abatement

Expert Opinion

Clean, remove, replace, or cover lead contaminated soil with non-contaminated soil, mulch, sod, grass, or concrete

Air and Water Quality