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What Works for Health

Policies and programs that can improve health

Access to places for physical activity

Scientifically Supported

Enhancing access to places for physical activity involves changes to local environments (e.g., creating walking trails), building exercise facilities...

Diet and Exercise

Activity programs for older adults

Scientifically Supported

Programs for older adults offer educational, social, or physical activities in group settings that encourage personal interactions, regular...

Diet and Exercise  ·  Family and Social Support

Advocacy for victims of intimate partner violence

Insufficient Evidence

Advocates seek to empower victims of intimate partner violence (IPV) and link them with community services. Advocates provide legal, housing, and...

Community Safety

Affordable housing tax increment financing (TIF)

Expert Opinion

Tax increment financing (TIF) districts are created to generate revenue to eliminate blight and stimulate economic development in a particular area....

Housing and Transit

AHRQ Health Care Innovations Exchange

Scientifically Supported

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) Health Care Innovations Exchange profiles new approaches in health care service delivery and...

Quality of Care

Alcohol screening and brief intervention

Scientifically Supported

Alcohol screening and brief intervention programs identify persons with harmful or hazardous alcohol consumption before health and social...

Alcohol and Drug Use

Alternative fuels initiatives

Expert Opinion

Alternative fuels initiatives support transition from traditional motor fuel sources (i.e., gasoline and diesel) to alternative sources such as...

Air and Water Quality

Attract new grocery stores to low income areas

Expert Opinion

Financing initiatives or zoning regulation changes can be structured to bring grocery stores or supermarkets to underserved neighborhoods. Grocery...

Diet and Exercise

Behavioral interventions: HIV and other STIs

Scientifically Supported

Behavioral interventions aim to improve healthy behavior, psychosocial functioning, and quality of life through individual-level, group-level, and...

Sexual Activity

Bicycle helmet laws

Scientifically Supported

Bicycle helmet laws require bicyclists to wear helmets. Such laws may be established locally or statewide, and may apply to children or to all...

Community Safety