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The business case to invest in community health

Friday, May 13, 2016

While health needs vary from community to community and efforts to improve health differ, there is one constant: partners from all sectors are needed at the table to identify priorities and implement strategies that lead to meaningful change.  Sustainable improvement cannot be accomplished with just one sector, one organization, or one leader. The collective power of leaders, partners, and residents, working together yield more long-lasting results.

However, one question that often arises is “We know we need partners from all different sectors at the table, but how do we encourage the business community to pull up a seat?”

To address the question, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the County Health Rankings & Roadmaps released “Why Healthy Communities Matter to Businesses.” The issue brief highlights why businesses may care about the health of their communities, outlines ways employers can get involved with community health improvement and offers local examples of success.

A few key findings from the issue brief include:

  • Healthier communities help to cultivate a healthy, more productive workforce fueling future economic growth.
  • Healthier communities are associated with higher rates of education, which can benefit both workers and employers.
  • Healthier communities attract more talented employees and a healthier customer base, which can strengthen their economies.

Community health greatly affects economic competitiveness. Achieving lower health care costs, fewer sick days, and increased productivity are all critical to economic growth. To explore potential solutions businesses can implement to improve employee and resident health, check out business-oriented strategies in What Works for Health.