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RWJF Commission to Build a Healthier America Releases Recommendations on Ways to Create a Healthier Nation

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

This week, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Commission to Build a Healthier America released their latest recommendations on ways-beyond health care-citizens and stakeholders can work together to create a culture of health.  At an event held January 13, 2014, Commissioners discussed their recommendations, answered questions, and shared examples of promising programs and initiatives.

The Commission’s work emphasized the importance of collaboration. In the words of RWJF President and CEO, Risa Lavizzo-Mourey, “we’ll need to work together to become a nation where everyone has the chance to lead the healthiest life possible.” Commissioner Alice Rivlin reiterated the importance of cross-sector engagement, stating, “this is a community issue. We can work together to create healthier places to live.”

The following are the Commission’s recommendations:

Make investing in America’s youngest children a high priority;

Fundamentally change how we revitalize neighborhoods, fully integrating health into community development;

Broaden the mindset, mission, and incentives for health professionals and health care institutions from treating illness to helping people lead healthy lives.

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