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County Health Rankings Featured in New Journal Article

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Have you ever wondered what inspired the County Health Rankings? Released this week, a new article in Population Health Metrics answers that very question. 

The article traces the origins and evolution of the County Health Rankings and how the rich data source sheds light on the many factors that influence how well and how long people live.  

With over 30 measures of local level data encompassing issues including education, income, transportation, housing and more, the breadth of the Rankings draws interest across disciplines. The attention garnered by the Rankings has served as a catalyst for communities to improve the health of their residents.   

Article authors discuss the broad appeal of the Rankings – clear, easy to understand data based on a model of population health that explores the overall health of nearly every county in the nation as well as the factors that contribute to health. The annual snapshot used by local public health officials, community leaders, media, policymakers, and the public offer a compelling picture of the differences in health by place.

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