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Announcing the Roadmaps to Health Prize

Friday, March 30, 2012

Honoring the efforts and accomplishments of U.S. communities working at the forefront of health improvement 

Up to six $25,000 winning communities to be announced in early 2013!

Throughout the country, people are coming together with a shared vision, strong leadership, and commitment to making needed and lasting changes that broadly improve community vitality. This is happening in large urban settings and small rural ones; it’s happening in places with tremendous resources and in places with few resources to draw from; it’s happening in places with relatively few health challenges and in places where the challenges are many and daunting. The Roadmaps to Health Prize is intended to honor these successful efforts and to inspire and stimulate similar activities in communities across the country. The invitation to apply for this prize is being extended to all communities throughout the U.S.
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