Alcohol-impaired driving deaths

Alcohol-Impaired Driving Deaths is the percentage of motor vehicle crash deaths with alcohol involvement.

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Reason for Ranking

Approximately 17,000 Americans are killed annually in alcohol-related motor vehicle crashes. Binge/heavy drinkers account for most episodes of alcohol-impaired driving.[1,2]

Measurement Strengths and Limitations

An important strength of this measure is that alcohol-impaired driving deaths directly measures the relationship between alcohol and motor vehicle crash deaths. One limitation of this measure is that not all fatal motor vehicle traffic accidents have a valid blood alcohol test, so these data are likely an undercount of actual alcohol involvement. Another potential limitation is that even though alcohol is involved in all cases of alcohol-impaired driving, there can be a large difference in the degree to which it was responsible for the crash (e.g. someone with a 0.01 BAC vs. 0.35 BAC).