Digging Deeper - Physical Environment

Air and Water Quality

  • What are the levels of various air pollutants, e.g., carbon monoxide, ozone, lead, mercury, nitrous oxides?
  • What are the rates of hospitalizations for asthma?
  • What are the levels of indoor air quality?
  • What percentage of the population drinks from public drinking water systems?
  • What are the rules for testing private drinking water sources (e.g., wells)?
  • What is the source of the water your community drinks (does it come from surface water, aquifers, wells, etc.)?

Housing and Transit

  • What percentage of children are screened for lead poisoning, and how many are found to have elevated lead levels?
  • What percentage of people rent or own homes?
  • What percentage of their income do residents spend on housing and transit costs?
  • What are your community’s policies about building bike lanes and paths?